Safely Change a Flat Tire and Get Back on Your Way

Knowing the procedure on how to change a flat tire on your car will ensure your safety and get you moving along in less time.
1. Move the vehicle while on the rim if needed to get safely out of the way of traffic.
2. Loosen the lugs on the flat tire one turn before jacking up the vehicle.
3. Jack the vehicle high enough so the flat tire no longer is touching the road.
4. Remove all of the lugs, then the flat tire, and set them aside.
5. Place the spare tire onto the tire bolts and secure…
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Making the Most of Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is changing the way that drivers approach their commute and longer trips. It is a convenient way to connect your iPhone to your car and have the center dashboard function as a phone screen.

You can also enjoy voice recognition technology to access many of the features on your phone while never having to take your eyes or hands off the road. It is easier than ever to send a text or call a friend without being distracted while driving. Apple CarPlay also allows you to access your music stored on your iPhone and control it the same…
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